Consignment sale!

Next Sale:

August 10 & 11 2018

Phone: 770-867-4594                                                                                                                                                      Email:

Please help us keep growing! Shoppers keep coming back for our selection of high quality items. We can only accept items that are clean, stain free, odor free, and in very good condition. Our volunteers will review your items when you drop them off and return any to you that we cannot accept. Your understanding is appreciated.  500 item limit per consignor.

1. Items Accepted:

Items accepted:

Clothes and shoes sizes infant – Jr. and maternity

Costumes and Coats

Baby equipment (strollers, car seats, high chairs, nursery items)

Books, board games, computer games, electronics and  movies

Toys, including riding and outside play equipment

Furniture for infants and kids

Miscellaneous items that are for children, teens and maternity

Now accepting formal dresses and accessories for prom and formal dances

Unaccepted items:   drop side cribs, mattresses of any kind, Underwear, undergarments, any stained/torn or inappropriate clothing, items that smell of smoke, used pacifiers/bottle nipples, car seats older than 5yrs old,  or any recalled item. Please check our updated recall list.


Tags can be copied onto any LIGHT COLOR CARDSTOCK paper of your choice. NO dark color card stock paper please. All barcodes must be legible and printed with new ink.

Do not use normal weight paper or construction paper for tags! It rips, tears & just does not hold up to the shopping.  We are not responsible for missing tags and will not be able to sell your item if the tag becomes detached.  Use only tags generated for this sale.


To simplify making change for customers during the regular and half-price sale, please price your items in $. 50 increments. Consignment sale prices typically are higher than found at yard sales or thrift stores, but less than a permanent consignment store, as we have a brief sales schedule.

4. ITEM PREPARATION - Please make sure all barcodes are legible.

Clothing must be clean and on a hanger. Please be sure all belts or other loose articles (bows, bibbs, and accessories) are securely attached with safety pins to the main piece of clothing.  NO straight pins. Shoes should be placed in a plastic ziploc bag or the original box. Socks or other small items sold together should also be in plastic bags.

Please recheck to make sure DVDs, computer games, CD’s are in their cases and that puzzles and games have all their pieces.

All consigned items must be clean and in working order and with batteries.

5. Dropping off your items:  Allow approximately 15 minutes AFTER unloading your items for us to take your items.

CLOTHING NEEDS TO BE SORTED BY GENDER THEN SIZE, BEFORE CHECK-IN.  Use twist ties or garbage bags around clothes of the same size. This helps so much at check-in to speed things up. Also, if you bring your children to check in please keep them with you at all times. No browsing during drop-off please we will be working at a fast pace to be getting all the items on the floor.

6. Payment:

Please bring a stamped, self-addressed envelope (needed to mail your check to you) when you drop off your items. You keep 70% of the sale price. The Church uses the remainder to support children’s ministries. Please allow 2 weeks for your check to arrive. A $7.50 seller fee will be deducted from your net proceeds.  

7. Half-Price Sale: Will be held on Saturday from 8:00 -12:00 please indicate on your tags if you are going to reducing your items at the ½ price sale.

8. Unsold Items: You designate on your price tag whether you will pick up your unsold items or want them donated to charity. If you choose to pick-up your unsold items, you must do so before 3 PM on the sale day. Items not picked up by 3 PM will be donated to charity – NO EXCEPTIONS!!

For more information: Contact us via email at