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 Consignment sale!

Next Sale:

August 10 & 11 2018

What are my Payment options?

We accept Cash, check, Visa and MC.  Please make checks out to WFUMC. There will be a service fee for use of credit card.

What should I bring with me to the sale?

We recommend you bring a basket or bag to use as your shopping cart.  Bring your friends, neighbors, co-workers and family!

Do I assemble my furniture?

Yes! Furniture sells better when people can see it put together. Also, we open all pack n' plays and strollers at drop-off.

Where can I find hangers?

Best place to get hangers is asking your local dry-cleaner or purchase them at the dollar store, Wal-Mart, or Target.  You can use adult size hangers and safety pin smaller clothes to the tops of the hanger.

As a consignor, what do I need to bring when I drop off my items?

1. Bring your self-addressed stamped envelope with your seller number written on the front.

2. Make sure all your items tagged and priced. Anything without a tag or price cannot be sold.

3. Your items need to be sorted by GENDER then SIZE, BEFORE check-in.  Use twist ties or garbage bags around clothes of the same size.

4. Recheck your DVD's computer games and CD’s to make sure they are in their cases. Make sure puzzles and games have all their pieces.  Electronic items must be working with batteries included.